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Plant Installation

Roche Landscaping has preformed numerous plant installations throughout the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves on following proper techniques for installation practices. As a company, we continually educate ourselves on different installation methods to improve the success of the landscape installation.

Trees and Shrubs

Customers should consider the size of the yard and the long-term results of their plantings. We obtain our plant materials from numerous local nurseries

Landscape Design

We strongly recommend the use of a landscape architect or designer. These design professionals create drawings that serve as a blueprint for an installation. These professionals take into account the mature sizes, color, plant variety and other landscape concepts. The end result is outstanding result with a happier customer and more effect results from the installation. We have access to landscape architects and can create a design for the customer. For the customer, who wants a more involved interaction and contribution to the design, we can also arrange or recommend an architect to assist in achieving a customized design.

Tree Selection Guide

The following web link should assist a customer in determining what type of tree best suits their needs, taste, size and function.


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