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Sod Installation

Roche Landscaping installs thousands of rolls of sod every year. We install sod from a number of different suppliers throughout the Chicagoland area. These suppliers provide competing products suitable for different applications.

Why use Sod?

Sod is an instant lawn that will require no over-seeding if watered properly. Even on steeply graded areas sod can be successfully established with minimal efforts.

How to Prepare for Sod

In most cases, the existing lawn is removed and the ground is graded (leveled). Without removing the existing turf, the area cannot be accurately and effectively graded. Certain situations may require the area to be sprayed in order to kill weed infestation. Prior to installation of the sod, we apply a fertilizer to the soil, which helps the sod develop into a beautiful and long-lasting lawn.

Various type of Sod

We select the type of sod that will be more successful in our environment. Typically, homeowners and businesses will have a different needs and budgets for maintenance. Different types of grass have advantages and disadvantages. We assist our customers in determining which type of sod is suitable for their applications. RTF - This is a patented new variety of sod that develops a very deep root system. More information is available at the following website:

Seeding is also an option

Sod has it benefits, but seeding is a functional choice in certain applications. An area that tends to be in shade is a prime example of a potential seeding application. Because sod is grown in the sun, it tends to grow better in sunny areas. Certain varieties of seed are better suited shady environments. Seeding can be more cost effective during the initial installation. This is more pronounced in an area with a larger square footage. Some applications may require over-seeding at a later date.

Watering Sod

Timing: Always water early in the morning between 5:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M., when there is dew already on the lawn. Water in the evening or night causes many issues (mainly fungus related). After the initial installation of sod, we recommend that the homeowners water everyday for two weeks. Once a lawn is established, the watering will be less frequent. After the initial installation when the lawn has established itself, the customer should apply approximately 1-1.5 inches of water per week.

Tips to Check Effectiveness

  1. We recommend that a customer measure the amount of water that is being put on the lawn to ensure adequate and consistent watering. This can be done by simply putting a number of small tin cans (e.g., tuna or cat food cans). The cans will allow a customer to see if they are wasting water and verify that a sprinkler is getting water to some of the more remote parts of their property. The depth of water in each test can will help the customer gauge how much water they have used. The method will help to set timers on the sprinklers, sprinkler systems and spigots to assist in their water program. The timers available for spigots are inexpensive (usually around $30) and allow the water to be turn on and off during the customer’s absence.
  2. After a watering, the customer can test the effectiveness by taking a small tool and monitoring how deep the water has penetrated. The depth should be 4-6 inches after watering. It is better to water less frequently and deeper. Deeper watering allows the roots to grow deeper into the ground instead of remaining on the top part of the soil (the result of daily lighter watering).
  3. Lastly, the customer can gauge the effectiveness of watering by observing the grass response to foot traffic. If footprints are left in the grass, the grass should probably be watered. The grass should have some spring to it and recover from the foot traffic.

Hopefully these tips will allow the customer to effectively keep their lawn properly watered.


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