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Retaining Walls (SRW- Segmental Retaining Walls)

Roche Landscaping has installed walls all over the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves on following strict engineering guidelines for installation practices. As a company, we continually educate ourselves on different installation methods, new materials and improvements. The engineering is combined with aesthetics to allow the best long-term performance from the wall installation.

What exactly is a SRW?

SRWs are mortarless system of interlocking concrete units that typically support a variety of different structures. The walls sit on a limestone based gravel-leveling pad.

Advantage of a mortarless retaining wall?

The mortarless wall system will create a flexible wall system that not crack when compared to the life a concrete wall or mortared wall system. The mortarless system allows a slight flex for the freeze-thaw of the harsh Midwest environment.


Curves, stepped terraces, serpentine walls, steps, staircases, planters and plain old straight walls are attractive features for your landscape. Walls are used in many applications other than simply in areas where soils are prone to washing to lower areas.

Variety of Looks and Bands

Many manufacturers make a wide variety of special interlocking blocks that allow you to make just about any shape and design. Units are available in different colors, textures, sizes and finishes. Most of the wall systems will work in residential settings. Some are better suited for commercial settings.

Better Than Concrete and Mortar Walls

If you look at a freestanding motored landscape products, you will see how these products deteriorate and eventually fall apart due to the extreme temperature changes. The characteristic deterioration is the reason why the mortarless retaining wall systems were invented.

Who sets the standard for the way walls are installed?

In conjunction with the numerous manufacturers the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association) sets the industry standard for installation of SRWs (Segmental Retaining Walls). Every manufacturer has engineers on staff that are readily available for installation advice for larger applications and unusual situations. The manufacturers refer to and use the guidelines based on the NCMA standards, in order to create a long-term success with an installation.

We are certified by the NCMA to install SRWs. Enter our company name into the below link to verify our certification.


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